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Table Settings

We have a wide selection of tableware, from traditional patterns to vibrant handpainted pottery. We also have seashore designs, perfect for a Cape Cod gathering!

View a few of the table settings we have below, and come visit us to peruse the whole collection.


Whether it’s effortless entertaining, thoughtful gift-giving, celebrating life’s little moments, throwing memorable gatherings, or living simply—discover your Mariposa style and express it with confidence.

For the last 30 years, Mariposa has been working with artisans around the world to perfect the art of handmade gifts. Whimsical, modern or classic, with a variety of price points. Mariposa products are all handmade. No two pieces are ever exactly alike.

Donna Toohey

“The Art of the Table”
Working out of her Maryland studio, artist Donna Toohey creates hand painted tableware that is both colorful and playful. Each piece is worked within a theme, and represents a unique work of functional art.

Donna says, “I feel like I’m a hybrid of a potter and a painter. What I hear from people all the time is that they make the people who use them really happy.”

Her work is beautiful to display while at the same time serving as durable tableware. Perfect for everyday use as well as those special occasions.

Simon Pearce

Inspired by centuries-old Georgian glassmaking techniques and using the finest natural materials, Simon Pearce creates designs that bring pleasure and inspiration every day.

From hand-thrown pottery to lead-free crystal glassware made with custom molds and purpose-built furnaces, each handcrafted piece carries a story that lends meaning, authenticity, and grace to every use.